Café Bar Charmolypi

Amorgos, Greece. Completion July 2017

On a picturesque square on the Greek island of Amorgos, the cafe occupies the ground floor of a traditional villa.

Charmolypi in Greek means “sweet sorrow“. This relates to the  feeling of simultaneous happiness and sadness, known so well to the  human condition. It may be the sentiment at the end of a summer holiday.  And this combined with the longing to remain and the hope of returning  again soon…!

The interior is styled with objects found in Berlin flea markets such  as lighting fixtures, mirrors and picture frames. The bar panels are  comprised of re-cycled doors and shutter windows, found in the local  junkyard on the island. The marble basin on the sewing machine base is also a local found object.

The picture frames enhance and re-inforce the theme of “charmolypi”.  These are sayings and poets’ quotes on the topic of happy/sad,  melancholy and longing…