Hoodoo Berlin

Spiegelpalast. Berlin, Germany. Completion April 2019

Set design and prop acquisition were the focus of this immersive theater show, running from April to end of May 2019. The show was a celebration of the music and culture of Southern Louisiana, USA. Therefore, a shrine in the entrance lobby greets the visitor and encourages a personal offering. The idea was to keep embelishing the shrine, hence allowing it to grow organically throughout the span of the show.

Thirteen spaces provided continual, musical and theater entertainment, therefore inviting the spectator to dance and participate in the performance. The main space of the tent was a forest with real trees and decrepit wooden shacks. In addition, a reflective flooring material alluded to the murky waters of swamplands found in Southern Louisiana.

Collaboration w/ Spilios Gianakopoulos

Cover picture graphic design: Spilios Gianakopoulos

Cover picture photography: Spyros Rennt